A haunting

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A Haunting

The official drinking game to be played to the show A Haunting.

1 drink

  • When the lights flicker
  • Ghost point of view shots
  • When you realize the actor is completely different than the real person
  • When they talk about the bad vibe of the house
  • When they turn around and a real person (family member or friend) is where you expect a ghost
  • When they decide to stay in the house despite an opportunity to leave
  • An unexplainable noise/movement/object thrown
  • Images in mirrors
  • Sudden drop in temperature
  • An apparition the haunted can't see

2 drinks

  • Special Note - When show is based on possession only one drink per occurrence is required
  • When they attempt to get the house "cleansed" (an extra shot if they use sage)
  • When there is an apparition that the haunted can see
  • When someone is possessed*
  • Physical attack by ghost on a person


  • Commercial break montages don't count