Absolutely Fabulous

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Keeping in mind the main characters, I assume you are drinking Champagne. (I don't assume you can afford Bollinger. For AbFab, I can only afford Cook's Extra-Dry. Ah, well, the price of scholastic poverty. However, if you can afford Bollinger, PLEASE send me a bottle!)

If you want an easier/cheaper version of the game, only drink every-other time the situation occurs. If you want to pass out before the show's over, try Stoli rather than Champagne.

And please, drink it out of a nice glass... I believe LaCroix makes some fabulous stemware...

One Sip

  • Either Pasty or Edina say "Fabulous"
  • Patsy hands Eddie a drink/smoke/toke/sniff
  • Patsy or Edina take a drink/smoke/toke/sniff
  • Edina calls Saffron "Sweetie Darling"
  • Patsy talks (manipulates) Edina into shirking responsibility to shop/drink/etc/
  • Patsy and/or Edina blow off a responsibility to go shopping/lunching
  • Pasty talks about her man-de-jour
  • Patsy calls Saffron "bitch daughter"
  • Patsy or Edina drink directly from the bottle

Two Sips

  • Patsy or Edina take a toke/sniff (or implied, eg: Pasty's Frosty-the-Nostril, or any bathroom scene)
  • Laugh track re: Edina's outfit
  • Saffron loses her temper and/or yells at Edina
  • Bubble shows her ignorance of even the most basic things
  • Edina insults her mother
  • Anyone's dream sequence or flashback
  • Patsy justifies Edina's outfit ("It's Fabulous" counts for 2+1)
  • Patsy is seen with a man-de-jour
  • Edina acts blatantly self-involved ("Me! Me! Me!")
  • Edina shows off a new trendy toy (VR helmet, iso tank, etc.)
  • Saffron tries to be nice to Edina
  • Saffron's "Saff" mug is shown

Three Sips

  • Patsy refers to any of Edina's "bastard ex-husband"
  • Patsy or Edina actually goes to work
  • Saffron's school friends are present
  • Saffron is seen at school
  • Ednia waxed introspective (or her version thereof)
  • Edina insults an ex-husband's new partner
  • Saffron loses her temper at Edina
  • Edina is seen at Saffron's school

Chug! (or toke, if you're so inclined)

  • Saffron does or implies that she has been drinking and/or "shagging"
  • Patsy is nice to Saffron
  • Edina does something redeeming
  • punching Saff's psychology lecturer counts
  • the speech at the PRPRP's ADOTM counts
  • Edina gets mad at Patsy
  • Patsy gets mad at Edina
  • Patsy eats