Amazing Race

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One Drink

  • When a team runs past a clue box or can't find it
  • When a team member gets upset at Taxi Driver
  • Team gets lost, or think they are lost
  • Team members get upset at partner
  • First Description of Detour
  • First Description of Road Block
  • Team doesn't understand what foreign person is saying to them
  • Team Member says they can't do something or are too tired

Two Drinks

  • A team switches from one task to another on a detour
  • A team describes a scenery as beautiful or amazing
  • Phil stands next to strange person at Pit Stop

Three Drinks

  • Every team does same task on a detour
  • Team actually quits or gives up
  • First mention of Fast Forward
  • Team starts to cry as they get kicked off
  • If it is a non-elimination pit stop

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