America's Next Top Model

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Take a sip

  • Someone says the word "fierce" (add another if there is a hand gesture involved)
  • A girl puts down another girl
  • A girl has visible low self esteem
  • Someone is told to "smile with their eyes" or "make their neck look longer"
  • Tyra demonstrates how the pose should be done
  • Someone mentions "America's Next Top Model"
  • The girls scream
  • Every time a picture of Tyra is shown
  • Someone flirts with Nigel

Take a shot

  • A girl cries (excluding the post-elimination hug)
  • A girl calls home and gets a pep talk
  • Tyra gives a pep talk
  • A girl from another season is mentioned or shows up
  • The judges mention how cruel the industry is


  • During the entire, final monologue of the girl who is being eliminated