American Dad

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Drink When

  • Roger changes costume (twice if he also changes gender)
  • Stan references the CIA
  • Francine acts like a stereotypical house wife (cooking, cleaning, etc)
  • Klaus speaks (twice if he says anything in German)
  • Roger references time before living with the Smiths (twice if he talks about before he came to Earth)
  • Toshi speaks (twice if the other characters respond)
  • Francine does or says something crazy
  • Stan does or says something selfish
  • Stan pulls out a gun (twice if its bigger than a handgun)
  • Steve acts with confidence
  • The principle is on screen (twice if he references something illegal)
  • Roger drinks (twice if he is already drunk)
  • An American flag can be seen other than the one on Stan's lapel (unless you really want to get hammered)
  • The show breaks the 4th wall
  • Haley disagrees with Stan (finish your drink if she agrees with Stan)
  • Someone who works at the CIA other than Stan is seen (twice if its outside of the CIA building)
  • Anytime Patrick Stewart is in the episode