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One Drink

  • A character who does not belong in the skit makes a cameo appearance.
  • Wakko eats anything, edible or not.
  • Dot says that she's cute.
  • One or more of the Warners kiss somebody.
  • Yakko says, "Goodnight everybody!"
  • We see Dot's pet.
  • Wakko does a rim shot for a pun.
  • The words, "Helloooooo Nurse!" or any variation thereof is heard.
  • Someone/something hits someone/something with a mallet.
  • An anvil (or any other random object) falls on someone's head.
  • Pesto and Squid get into a fight.
  • The Godpidgen makes an appearance.
  • The Fox TV network is mentioned.
  • Runt says, "Definitely" (first time only).
  • Rita tells Runt that *** is/are a cat(s).
  • When any political character is parodied.
  • Brain says, "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
  • Pinky says "Narf", "Zot", and "Poink!".
  • We hear a random Jerry Lewis character voice. (Fraun-Leavan!)
  • Mindy calls her mom "Lady" (first time only).
  • Mindy says, "OK, I love you, bye-bye!".
  • Chicken Boo suffers physical harm after they find out he's a chicken.
  • We see the animator's pen/pencil/brush.
  • Slappy uses dynamite.
  • Slappy says, "Now that's comedy!"
  • Skippy says, "Spew!"
  • The mime makes a noise.
  • Steven Spielberg is mentioned or makes a cameo appearance.
  • Whenever the fourth wall is broken (when characters talk, glance, or perform any other action to the viewership).

Two Drinks

  • Buttons quits and leaves.
  • "Hellooooo Nurse!" is heard three times in under two minutes.
  • The Warners win something on the Wheel Of Morality.
  • A Jerry Lewis character is FEATURED.
  • They do a skit without any regular Animaniacs characters.
  • The hippos and any other Animaniacs characters share a skit.

Finish It

  • Those damn hippos make a solo appearance in a skit.
  • Rita starts to sing.