Another World

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Drink once when...

  • Jake lies to Paulina.
  • Vicky lies to Ryan.
  • Paulina remarks to Jake how honest he is and how all the lies are behind them.
  • Ryan remarks how Vicky can be honest with him and tell him anything.
  • Paulina butts in where she doesn't belong.
  • Tomas answers a door without his shirt on.
  • Amanda wears that gray sweatsuit.
  • Angela bats her eyes.
  • Grant lies to anyone.

Take two swigs everytime...

  • Cass and Felicia tell each other they love each other.
  • Carl says he's not worthy of Rachel.
  • Donna lies to Matt.
  • Matt asks Donna when they're getting married.
  • Ryan says, "I'm a cop!"
  • Grant says "Darling...."

Take three swigs everytime...

  • Grant sticks the phone under his chin.
  • Jake or Vicky mention Lassiter.
  • Frankie gets a "feeling" about something/someone.
  • Felicia walks in with a new hairstyle.
  • Lorna wears loose clothing.
  • Lorna cracks a smile.

Take four swigs everytime...

  • The Cory or Harrison doorbell is answered by a servant and not a family member.
  • We see John.
  • Maggie isn't mooning over Tomas.
  • Someone mentions Stephen's dog Shortstop (or Stephen himself for that matter).
  • Donna postpones her engagement.
  • Evan does a complete about-face.
  • Evan says, "I've changed."
  • Vicky calls Evan.
  • Evan shows up at Vicky's door.
  • Bridget says "Oh Dear".
  • Bridget says "What are you up to now?"
  • Bridget says "Miss Donna".
  • ANYtime Tomas has an intelligent thought.
  • Shortstop piddles on Grant's leg.
  • Angela lies to Miss Shaw.
  • Miss Shaw expresses "her concern" to Tomas, Sharlene, or Angela.

Take five swigs everytime...

  • Matt & Donna appear together more than once a week.
  • Paulina mentions being engaged to Grant.
  • Bridget spills the beans on the baby scandal.
  • Ryan speaks with a "funny" accent.
  • Someone mentions Dana.
  • Someone reveals what happened to Ito's trial.
  • A non-relative visiting the Frame Farm uses the front entrance instead of the back.
  • Ryan ignores Frankie and asks Ian for help in a case in order for the PTB to give Ian something to do.
  • Party-throwers accomodate Felicia by offering soda.

Down the whole bottle if...

  • We ever see Marshall's apartment again.
  • We ever see Billy and Dana on a date.
  • Dana mentions her affair with Darryl.
  • John ever mentions Kelsey again.
  • Any of the McKinnons come back for Jake's "funeral" or whatever.
  • They "redo" Mac and Iris's portrait if a new Iris comes on.
  • Mac has anymore "postdeath" secrets.
  • Someone kidnaps Vicky again, just for old time's sake.
  • The new Iris is under 40.
  • TPTB bring on a new character to romance Paulina.