Aqua Teen Hunger Force

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Drinking Game

If you really wanna get wasted..

Drink Whenever

  1. Shake says "LISTEN"
  2. Anything explodes into CGI fire.
  3. Carl makes an appearance.
  4. MC Peepants is referenced.
  5. Dr. Weird says, "BEHOLD!"
  6. Frylock says, "damnit."
  7. When ever Meatwad is hit by Master Shake.

Chug When you See

  1. Leprechauns.
  2. Shaved Wookie.
  3. EVERY TIME the Moonenites come on screen.
  4. Anyone, on the show or in your group, says, for ANY REASON, "My dad owns a dealership."