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You'll discover how often these occur, when you realise that you've been 'drinking like a fish' throughout the whole movie :) Created by H.C for GD

Take a drink whenever

  • Hailey talks about moving to Australia
  • A reference is made to Claire's parents being dead
  • 'Ocean words' are used in common expressions i.e Swam away from home
  • Aquamarine communicates with sea creatures

Take a Drink when you see

  • Raymond doing flexing and/or fluffing his hair
  • The Girls stalking Raymond
  • Aquamarine's mermaid tail
  • Leonard looking creepy

Take a drink when someone says

  • The last Splash
  • Aquamarine
  • "What!?" only when said by Hailey and Claire at the same time
  • Salt

Chug your drink whenever

  • Someone screams
  • Hailey and Claire giggle together
  • The starfish are giving the girls 'compliments'