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Take a drink anytime:

  • Everytime glass breaks
  • Archer says "do you not?"
  • Anyone has a drink in their hand
  • Lana says "Yuuup" or "Nooope"
  • Cheryl doesn't understand what is being spoken about
  • Cyril is shown being clingy
  • Anyone uses Archer's full name "Sterling Malory Archer"
  • Lana’s large hands are referenced
  • When Archer first appears in a turtleneck
  • Pam is shown eavesdropping

Take two drinks anytime:

  • Cheryl says anything BDSM related
  • Pam says anything lesbian
  • Cheryl says "You're not my supervisor!"
  • Brett gets injured
  • Archer says "phrasing"
  • Archer says "I swear I had something for this..."
  • Archer references Burt Reynolds, "Gator", "White Lightening" or any of Burt Reynold's films
  • Cheryl is shown with bruise marks around her neck
  • When Archer's butler Woodhouse first appears during an episode
  • Krieger conducts an experiment
  • Anyone says "Hostile work environment"
  • Either Archer or Lana ignore the other calling their name
  • Barry talks to 'other Barry'
  • Archer has a fake voicemail

Take three drinks when:

  • Whenever Archer is referenced doing anything with his mom that's borderline incestual
  • Archer says "Dangerzone!"
  • Pam has some form of sexual encounter
  • Archer injures someone for ruining his clothes
  • First time in episode Gilette is shown paralyzed (fake or really)
  • Mallory breaks her phone over Archer's fake voicemail

Hope you enjoy!

Madonna Road Variation

The Madonna Road Variation was compiled by Cal Poly students and alumni at a house on Madonna Road in San Luis Obispo, CA. These rules are missing some recent additions, but once we find the original poster with our changes, we will edit this section accordingly.

1 Drink

  • Turtleneck
  • New Drink in Hand
  • YUP / NOPE
  • "Sterling Mallory Archer"
  • Supervisor
  • Kinky Cheryl
  • Sexual Pam

2 Drinks

  • Lana Boob Jiggle
  • First Woodhouse
  • Krieger Experiment
  • "Mop... Mop..." / Tinnitus
  • Burt Reynolds

3 Drinks

  • Ants
  • Nice Things
  • Brett

3/5 Drink

  • Casual Racism