Arrested Development

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One Drink

  • Gene Parmesan surprises Lucille
  • Michael forgets who Ann is, gets her name wrong, or says "Her?"
  • Buster gives a massage
  • Buster says "Hey Brother"
  • Gob drives his segway
  • Gob says "Come on"
  • Gob performs a failed magic trick
  • Tobias obliviously says/does something gay
  • Lucille II gets vertigo
  • Buster has a panic attack
  • George Michael stresses over work
  • George Michael has an awkward moment
  • Maeby refers to having bad parents
  • Lucille has a drink in hand
  • Lucille remarks about Lindsey's weight/appearance
  • Oscar implies that he is Buster's true father
  • Narrator says "For british eyes only"
  • George Sr. eats an ice cream sandwich
  • George Sr. says "There's always money in the banana stand"
  • "Zip me up"
  • Anyone burns themselves on the corn baller/ makes a reference to the corn baller.
  • Anytime part of the model home falls apart

Someone says...

  • No touching
  • I've made a huge mistake
  • Steve Holt!
  • Marry me
  • Iraq
  • Annyong
  • Banana
  • Family


  • gets seriously injured
  • wears cutoffs
  • drives the Bluth stair car
  • makes a robot joke
  • Blue paint
  • Security footage
  • A still
  • A flashback

Two Drinks

  • Tobias takes a shower
  • Tobias gets an acting role
  • Buster says "I'm a monster!"
  • Michael tries to be badass (lies, steals, etc)
  • Lindsay hits on someone other than Tobias
  • George Sr is in disguise or tries to escape
  • Lindsay speaks with an Australian accent
  • Kitty reveals her breasts
  • Barry Zuckerkorn refers to his prostitutes
  • Lindsey takes up a cause


  • makes a Saddam Hussein reference
  • smokes a joint (or takes any drugs)
  • winks
  • has a father-son bonding moment

Three Drinks

  • Michael gets laid
  • Hot Cops Appearance
  • Someone blows the rape horn

Drink as long as...

  • the chicken dance is danced
  • Lucille drinks
  • someone is censored
  • the final countdown plays