Austin Powers

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One Drink

  • you hear "Yeah, baby!"
  • you hear "shag" or any other derived term.
  • you hear or see "swing" or any other derived term.
  • you hear "groovy."
  • you hear "smashing."
  • you hear "Oh, behave!"
  • you hear "Mojo."
  • Austin wears a bad suit.
  • Austin notices he has bad teeth.
  • Austin can't deal with a modern invention or just doesn't get something.
  • Austin refers to "bits and pieces," "dirty belows", "jubblies," or other slang for genitalia or breasts.
  • Dr. Evil does the pinky maneuver.
  • Dr. Evil uses "finger quotation marks" to describe something.
  • Dr. Evil has a problem with his chair.
  • Dr. Evil says "freakin'."
  • Dr. Evil says "Riiiight."
  • You get a boner
  • Frau YELLS!
  • you see a fem-bot.
  • you see a psychedelic 60's style scene transition featuring Austin's band.
  • you hear the name of one of Dr. Evil's henchmen.
  • Scott insults his dad.
  • Austin insists "This sort of this isn't my bag, baby." or "It's not mine, baby. Honest."
  • Mustafa is burnt badly, but he's still alive.
  • Mustafa is shot (right in the arm!), but he's still alive.
  • Mustafa breaks a leg.
  • you hear the name of a fake Soviet breakaway republic.
  • you see the United Nations.
  • you see one of the classic "nude" scenes.
  • you see a close-up of Austin's bad teeth or you see a dental hygiene product.
  • Austin uses his "judo chop."
  • Dr. Evil says "Shht!" or "Zip it!" to his son. (You're gonna hate me for this.)
  • Dr. Evil mentions "hot pockets."
  • someone is referred to as a "sexy bitch" or "dead sexy."
  • Austin says "Krikey!"

Two drinks

  • Austin says "Do I make you horny?" (If he does, take two more drinks.)
  • you see or hear Mr. Bigglesworth.
  • you see Bob's Big Boy.
  • Dr. Evil says "liquid hot MAGMA!"
  • you see Andy Warhol.
  • Mike Myers appears as two (or more) characters in the same scene.
  • you see a frozen celebrity you used to love back in the day. (Word to your mother, Willis!)
  • when Austin can't control THE VOLUME OF HIS VOICE! (Drink loudly.)
  • you hear Austin's middle name.
  • Dr. Evil asks for one million dollars!
  • Dr. Evil does the macarena.
  • someone refers to Dr. Evil as Mr. Evil.
  • you see or hear Bert Bacharach or Elvis Castello.
  • Austin says "Clinkie." (Say "Clinkie!" to the person next to you before drinking. If you're home alone drinking, stop! Stop right now!)
  • Austin is "spent."
  • you see Jerry Springer.
  • you see Starbucks.
  • you see Heineken.
  • Austin imitates an animal.
  • Fat Bastard talks about eating babies.
  • Mini-me gives somebody the finger.
  • "things get weird" between Dr. Evil and Frau.
  • Dr. Evil spills some juice for his homeys. (Spill some on your carpet.)
  • your hometown is mentioned.
  • you see a time machine.

Finish your Drink

  • Dr. Evil gets away!

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