Avatar; The Last Airbender

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Drink Once


  • Talks about his people
  • Uses his glider
  • Says, "Yip, Yip!"
  • Talks about Katara
  • Airbends


  • Yells at Sokka
  • Acts "motherly"
  • Looks longingly at Zuko
  • Talks about Aang
  • Waterbends


  • Yells
  • Talks about hating his father
  • Firebends

Drink Twice


  • Makes mention of being blind
  • Yells at Katara
  • Earthbends


  • Says "Cactus juice"
  • Kisses or talks about Suki
  • Talks about his mother
  • Uses or says boomerang/boomeraang gang

Chug Your Drink

  • Aang goes into the avatar state or has a hallucination
  • Katara bloodbends
  • Zuko fights for the good side
  • Toph punches sokka
  • Sokka cries

Switch Drinks

  • Avatar Kyoshi shows up
  • All main characters are in a shot (toph, aang, katara, sokka, zuko)
  • Fire Lord Ozai talks about a plan to destroy a kingdom/ the world


  • Remove one piece of clothing everytime Katara gives a speech on hope