Axis and Allies

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Original Author Jason Webb?
Original Location

This game requires all five players, otherwise it is incredibly unfair.

Each player should provide a bottle of alcohol which corresponds to the country he or she is playing. Here are some suggestions:

  • Russia: Vodka, of course.
  • Germany: Schnapps.
  • United Kingdom: A half-way decent Scotch.
  • Japan: Saki.
  • United States: A good Tennesse whiskey.

And The Rules...

  • Any player who loses a territory AND fails to regain it on the following turn is subjected to a shot of booze from the player holding the territory.
  • Any player whose country is strategically bombed (as in a bomber attacking a factory) is subjected to a shot of booze from the player who strategically bomb him/her.
  • Any player who wins a battle has the right to take a shot from the player who was defeated.
  • Players have the right to drink their own alcolhol at any time, and have the right to request alcohol from their allies. All other alcohol uses during the game are governed by the above rules.