Beast Wars

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Predacon Events


  • Says "Yess or Noo" - CHUG when someone else says it
  • Roars in Beast Mode
  • directs troops with TRex hands
  • CHUG when sounds Barneyesque
  • nostrils flare
  • is seen using hands- 2 drinks if both hands are visible
  • deals out abuse to one of his troops- 2 drinks if it's loyal Scorponok or Inferno
  • swaggers
  • 1/2 can when succeeds in planning attack on Axalon
  • talks to himself.. er, his Dinohead arm. - 2 if he treats it like a pet
  • Dinohead arm acts on its own (blinks, etc.)
  • CHUG when he successfully manipulates the Maximals (CHUG quietly if Raksha's in the room)
  • observes good dental hygiene, yess
  • calls Primal "Optimal Optimus"
  • spares a Predacon who betrays him.


  • is ineffective as 2nd in command - CHUG if he is effective as 2nd in command
  • acts like a jock
  • gets flattened
  • (if watching multiple episodes concurrently) intelligence changes between eps- 1 drink if down, 2 drinks if up
  • invents a diabolical new Plot Device- 2 if it works correctly
  • shows his sensitive side
  • changes his speaking pattern / voice from the previous episode
  • says something completely incoherent/ inappropriate
  • CHUG if The Bee appears!
  • 1/2 can if appears at all disloyal to Megatron


  • giggles maniacally for no apparent reason - 2 if there's a reason
  • creates a diabolical new Plot Device
  • peels out like the Road Runner
  • plots against Megatron
  • uses spider leg machine guns - 2 if actually does damage with them
  • explains his schemes when no one else is listening
  • tries to get a stasis pod for himself

Black Arachnia

  • takes advantage of an opportunity to seize power- 2 drinks if she has an accomplice
  • abuses Scorponok
  • creates a diabolical new Plot Device
  • insults/ talks down to other Predacons - 2 if it's Megatron
  • flirts/plots with Tarantulas
  • betrays Tarantulas
  • uses spider leg machine guns
  • talks smooth to get out of a situation
  • uses kung-fu kicks


  • tries to take over Predacons - 1/2 can if he succeeds
  • squawks
  • makes Beavislike scream/ chuckles
  • uses shoulder cannons
  • works together with other fliers- 2 if they all move in step
  • CHUG if voice is not annoying
  • runs/flies into something/someone


  • 1/2 can if refers to himself without saying his own name
  • takes physical abuse- crashes, bounces, possessed- CHUG if it's the CGoD (Chain Gun of Death)
  • shows any self esteem
  • panics
  • complains
  • refers to anyone as ____-bot


  • says "You will Burrrnnn!"
  • says "The Colony"
  • uses butt-propeller to fly
  • uses flamethrower
  • goes into berserker mode
  • calls Megatron "The Royalty"- 2 if he calls Megatron "The Queen"
  • 1/2 can if appears at all disloyal to Megatron

Maximal Events


  • says something mystical
  • 1/2 can if saves the day
  • attracts Airrazor and doesn't notice
  • 1/2 can if surprised
  • uses stealth mode
  • uses wrist rockets
  • seen with tiger buddies
  • appears inside the Axalon
  • displays a new amazing skill


  • abilities are doubted by another Maximal
  • sounds like a little kid
  • tries to prove himself
  • teams up with Dinobot
  • impersonates Wheelie (rhymes)
  • calls Optimus 'Big Bot'
  • thinks he's fast enough to accomplish something
  • 2 drinks if has a precog dream


  • saves the day
  • CHUG while the CGoD appear (Chain Guns of Death)
  • invents something
  • notices something the other Maximals miss
  • keeps calm in a crisis
  • makes fun of Megatron
  • eats beans- 2 if (mmm.. no)


  • flirts with Tigatron- 2 if flirts with any other Maximal
  • sounds perky
  • appears inside the Axalon
  • hovers in beast mode
  • creates a sonic boom
  • squawks or groans


  • feuds with Dinobot
  • calls Dinobot 'Chopperface'
  • referred to as rodent or vermin
  • 1/2 can when refers to 'beast anatomy'
  • 1/2 can when personally battles Tarantulas
  • does slapstick
  • fights dirty
  • rides someone - 2 if it's a Predacon
  • physically challenges Dinobot
  • says 'Ohhh no'
  • says 'We're all gonna die'
  • twitches nervously


  • feuds with Rattrap
  • loses his temper
  • questions Maximal policy - 2 if he gets the job done using Maximal policy
  • uses eyebeams
  • tells Maximals how Predacons would do something
  • argues with orders
  • flicks his tongue around really fast
  • uses his tail propeller other than to look cool

Optimus Primal

  • displays uncertainty in leadership
  • rolls his eyes in beast mode
  • activates Primal Jets - 2 if Maximum Burn
  • drags his knuckles on the ground
  • beats his chest
  • says "That's just Prime" - 2 if anyone else says it.
  • sighs

Beast Mode Events

  • eats organic food
  • makes animal noises
  • real beast appears - 2 if they eat another beast
  • character takes action in beast mode that requires hands
  • character sleeps- 2 if they snore- 3 if they're sleeping in robot mode
  • character looks at/talks to the camera - 2 if in robot mode - 3 if it's Megatron.

Planet Events

  • natural disaster or bad weather
  • character insults the planet
  • energon interferes with systems - 2 if it's comm systems
  • explain why the moon's hollow
  • 1 can when they explain what planet they're on
  • Stonehenge (The Standing Stones) appears- 2 if any other alien technology appears
  • aliens actually appear
  • reason apparent that they're not on Earth
  • CHUG if 'Die Hard' style explosion occurs in Ditillio episode- CHUG LONGER if it's an explosion in space.
  • crumbling rocks (TM) or falling rocks (TM) appear
  • 1 can when destruction of the planet appears emminant.

Robot Mode Events

  • character does Tone Loc impersonation (if you don't get this one, you need to spend more time in the 80s)
  • character leaves a shadow
  • CHUG when G1 character appears (WARNING: This rule can lead to eventual liver damage if used with Seasons Two and Three)
  • transformation without activation code
  • character fills toy function
  • accessories used just like toy
  • character points out the obvious
  • character divulges plot detail - 2 if it's scientific data
  • maniacal laughter- 2 if it's spelled BWAHAHAHA (If you don't get this one, you haven't been on a.t.t. long, yess)
  • devices pulled out of body
  • character falls off cliff and/or bounces
  • char. says 'Slag' or 'Inferno'- 2 if it adapts a human expression
  • 2 for any other custom Cybertronic expletive
  • Cybertronix appears
  • holographic technology is used
  • character uses non-Earth measurement
  • character says merchandising slogan
  • POV shot shows what character sees

Base Events

  • Axalon looks cooler than the Ark
  • auto-defenses activate - 2 if it's Sentinel
  • the round holo-table in the Axalon bridge is ripped out of place
  • one of the Axalon's exit hatch tubes gets the transparent (glass) part smashed
  • auto-defenses appear around Predacon HQ - 2 if they actually HIT something
  • new room is shown (sequencial viewing rule only)
  • someone is shown exiting a C-R Chamber

Battle Events

  • character uses eyebeams
  • missile cam
  • 2 for 'Bee cam'
  • beast mode TF beats robot mode TF
  • character uses gun in 'automatic' mode- 2 if it's a projectile weapon!
  • beans are used in any form as a weapon - 2 if it's... (let's just not finish that one) ...
  • battle occurs inside either base

General Events

  • inside joke - 2 if it's an internet/personal reference
  • movie homage
  • Transwarp technology (cells, ship, probe, etc.) mentioned or shown (half a can if it causes a Transwarp explosion!)
  • Beast Warrior goes Transmetal. 2 if it's a Transmetal 2.

And Finally

  • If you see Unicron, STOP drinking! (Note- watch Other Voices, blink a few times, then watch Possession LAST if you use this rule)