Beer ball

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2 Teams of 2 set up on opposite sides of a table. Each player places a full, unopened can of beer on the corners of the table. a ping pong ball is used to throw at the cans. The players must throw the ball at the cans.

Breaking the ice- A player must first hit a can before they are able to open their can of beer

When your team mate is throwing you must have your beer on the table, if he hits the opposing teams can you quickly chug your beer until the opposing team retrieves the ball and touches it to the table. Once they have placed the ball on the table you must stop drinking.

The goal of the game is to have both players on your team finish your beers before the other team.


The below rules pertain to BeerBall as played by the American BeerBall Association. A PDF version complete with diagrams can be downloaded at the ABBA Facebook page .


Basic Rules

  1. Teams are chosen and setup of the table is done. [Note: Placement of the goblets is not firm. A player may move their goblet at any point during the game, other than during an opponent’s throw.] Teammates (players 1 & 3) stand on one side of the table with their opponents (players 2 & 4) at the other. Each competitor must have an ABBA approved playing Goblet. This Goblet must hold 28oz. The ball must be a standard 3-star ping pong ball, the table: a standard 5’ x 9’ ping pong table.
  2. First throw is determined by rock paper scissors, Players 1 & 2, then 3 & 4. The winners of each round then face each other to determine first throw. Then play advances in numerical succession. [See Diagram.]
  3. The object is to throw the ball and strike one of the opposing player's Goblets. A ball may be bounced into or directly strike a goblet. The defense player may not touch the ball until the ball either: comes to a complete stop on the table, travels past the goblet, touches the ground, or comes to a complete stop inside the goblet (hereby known as “Splash”.)
  4. Upon striking one of the opponent’s goblets, the thrower begins to drink from their own Goblet. A defensive player retrieves the ball from wherever it may be, touches it to their side of the table, and declares “Down.” At which point the offensive player must stop drinking and place his (or her) goblet back on the table.


The winning team is declared when all beer assigned to the team is gone.

  • If a team quits or refuses to drink they must be shamefully expelled from the game and the other team is declared the winner. All beer remaining on the table is drunk by the team it was assigned to.

Other Rules

Should the ball bounce off of the goblet and back to and caught by the offensive players before the ball makes contact with the ground, the ball may be immediately thrown. If the ball is thrown, the offense player not drinking may not interfere with the retrieval of the ball by the defensive team. Should the ball be irretrievable, an acceptable amount of beer maybe consumed (agreed upon by both teams.)

Should the offensive thrower “Splash” [see Basic Rule 3] a goblet, that goblet must be refilled to its starting amount. [Note: Each goblet may only be splashed once per game.]

If a player empties his (or her) goblet before the defensive team declares “Down” [see Basic Rule 4], their teammate may begin drinking from their goblet until “Down” is declared.

If a player empties his (or her) goblet AND that goblet has already been “Splashed,” it MAY be turned upside down.

During any players throw, if their goblet is empty, their teammate may drink as if they are throwing.

End Game

Should a team lose, a player from the losing team MAY choose to invoke “Ein Schuß”. If Ein Schuß is invoked, a goblet from the winning team must be upended and filled with any alcohol chosen by the winning team. The player who invoked Ein Schuß must then try to “Splash” the upend goblet.

  • Should they splash the upended goblet successfully, the team that invoked Ein Schuß is declared the winners and the newly established losing team must drink the alcohol from the upended goblet.
  • Should they miss, the person who invoked Ein Schuß must drink the alcohol from the upended goblet.


Penalties of One Mouthful of Beer may be incurred for infractions such as:

  • Touching a thrown ball before it strikes the goblet
  • Excessive spillage of beer while drinking
  • Bumping of the table causing spillage of beer
  • Excessive interference while the defensive team retrieves the ball.

If a player knocks over his (or her) goblet, as a penalty, it is refilled completely. If a player knocks over an opponent's goblet it is refilled to approximately the same volume it was before being knocked over and the player who knocked it over refills their goblet completely full.