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Beerio Kart

-The game of champions- [[1]]

Beerio Kart is an utterly superb drinking game in which four players drink beer while playing Mario Kart for Nintendo 64. In order to play, you dont necessarily need four players, but it is more fun with more people, as is anything else. All players must fill a cup with half a can of beer. Any kind of beer will do, just make sure you arent drinking some nasty hoppsy stuff that will leave you gagging and booting all over the place. After the cups have been poured, the race can begin. All players must finish the cup of beer before the end of the race or they are disqualified. Filling the cup with less than half a beer will result in direct defamatory remarks. Dont be skeet, half a beer.

Races can be done as free-for-all's as well as team races. Team race rules are as follows:

First and second place : Team Win

First and third place : Team Win

First and fourth place : Team Lose

Second and third place : Team Win

Second and last place : Team Lose

Third and last place : Team Lose

Preferred race tracks: Koopa Troopa beach allows for a race that is intense, but still allows for huge leads and major comebacks due to the shortcut through the cave. Toad's Turnpike is excellent for Beerio Karting because it emulates real-life drinking and driving! Dont crash, or daddy wont come home tonight! Wario Stadium is another competitive track due to the ability to strike lightning right before the opponent hits the ramp that goes over the middle.

It is possible to incorporate an entire room of people in a Beerio Kart match, using either teams or switching out the lowest one to three players out for other people.

Strategies for victory: The one-handed driving approach can be applied by using the thumb to steer while using the pinky or ring finger to hold the accelerator. Another technique is to purposefully not start in the beginning and immediately slam your beer. This allows for you to start the race in fourth place, which means that you will get (usually) better weapons overall, such as the lightning or star.