Big Bang Theory

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One Drink

  • Sheldon Knocks on a door Ex:(Knock knock knock, Penny...Etc.)
  • Someone references a video game
  • Sheldon tells someone to get out of his spot
  • Sheldon sits in his spot
  • You see Penny drinking
  • The Guys eat at the Cheesecake Factory
  • You hear Howard's mother
  • Raj talks to a woman
  • Someone mentions Star Trek or Star Wars

Two Drinks

  • Sheldon wears his flash costume
  • Sheldon says "I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested"
  • Someone makes fun of the fact that Howard doesn't have his PhD
  • Sheldon wears his 73 shirt
  • Raj talks about India
  • Raj Skypes his parents in India
  • Amy Kisses Sheldon
  • Bernadette imitates Howard's mother
  • Sheldon mentions trains

Finish Your Drink

  • Penny or Sheldon sing Soft Kitty
  • Howard imitates Steven Hawking