Biker mice from Mars

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This is for the original Tv-series from 1993-1996

One Drink

  • Theme song starts or heavy music is played
  • Limburger insults Grease Pit
  • Dr. Karbunkle flatters Limburger
  • Vinnie hits on Charley or checks out any lady
  • Vinnie tries something heroic but fails
  • Vinnie acts egoistic
  • Modo says something that starts with "O Mama -"
  • Modo's eye is burning red

Two Drinks

  • Turbo lowers his glasses or his eyes are otherwise revealed.
  • The Mice use enumerated maneuver e.g "Let's do Maneuver Five!"
  • New supervillain appears first time
  • "Let's Rock n' Ride!"
  • "Hot Dogs and Rock and Roll!"

Finish the drink

  • The Limburger building is destructed