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Biskit is a drinking game played in France (and now other countries as well!). The version presented here is played by a group of friends and improved continuously.

The game is played with 2 6 faced dice. Each player rolls the 2 dice, turn to turn clockwise, and act based on the rules - rules are cumulative.


  • If the sum is 7, the last one to say Biskit and hit their forehead drinks
    • If someone does Biskit and they shouldn't, they drink
  • If it's a double, you give the number of the double to other players
  • If th sum of dices is 3 (a 2 and a 1), you get the curse
    • If you had the curse you lose it
    • If someone had the curse you steal it
    • When you are cursed, each time a 3 is rolled on a dice you drink
  • If it's a double 6, you create a new rule or remove an existing one and you distribute 65 drinks to someone.
  • If it's a 51 (5 and 1) everyone drink
  • If the sum is 9 the one to your right drinks
  • If the sum is 10 you drink
  • If the sum is 11 the one to your left drinks
  • If the sum is 3 we do the suitcase

Everytime someone drinks because of you, play again (except on a biskit, rule #~1)


  • The first player says : "In my suitcase there is/are" and a thing of his/her choice.
  • The next player must say the same, adding a thing of his/her choice at the end of the suitcase.
  • If someone doesn't remember of all the things in the suitcase, they drink the number of things they forgot.