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As the character Jackson said, "Time to separate the men from the boys." If you can follow all these rules and complete the film, then you're on your way of doing a Dim Mak. Bloodsport is one of the best fighting movies of all time. Now enjoy it even more with a drinking game.

Drink When

  1. Van Damme splits
  2. Van Damme round house kicks
  3. Van Damme grunts
  4. Bolo (Chong Li) flexes, snorts/snot rocket, or speaks
  5. Bolo (Chong Li) knocks someone out
  6. Whenever you can spot an eagle tattoo on a fighter
  7. Bromance between Van Damme and the character Jackson
  8. Someone says "Shidoshi"
  9. Whenever Forest Whittaker speaks out of line and has to be corrected
  10. Optional: Drink for the entire length of a montage
  11. Optional: Reenact with a friend beside you when Van Damme catches the slap from his Shidoshi while being blind folded at the table. If your friend succeeds, then good. If not, then he should have watched the movie before and gets hit in the face.
  12. Optional: Reenact with a friend the rib kicking contest between Van Damme and Paco, the muay thai fighter. Everyone else gets to drink while you two are in pain.

If you're not vomiting in the middle of the final fight between Bolo and Van Damme with 80s music raging in the background, then Van Damme smiles upon you.