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One Drink

  • Someone says “We’ve got a case”
  • Booth and Brennan have a therapy session with Sweets
  • Booth and Brennan get in an argument
  • Brennan questions someone’s position (ex. Sweets’ position as a psychologist)
  • The victim was killed by a serial killer
  • Brennan acts out what happened on an intern
  • The victim was well-known (i.e. celebrity, wanted person)
  • Hodgins gets excited about any piece of evidence
  • The victim was killed and eaten by a cannibal
  • Booth or Bones punch someone
  • The murder is solved in a different location
  • Hodgins is paranoid or explains a conspiracy theory
  • Someone refers to Booth’s “cocky” belt buckle
  • Brennan doesn’t understand an obvious pop culture reference
  • Someone says “this is the murder weapon”
  • Someone drinks alcohol
  • The victim was having an affair
  • Booth doesn’t understand something and they have to explain it in simpler terms
  • If there is a foot chase
  • A stranger assumes Booth and Brennan are a couple
  • Angela calls someone Sweetie
  • Brennan cites something anthropological to refute something Booth said
  • Whenever Booth looks at Brennan instead of driving
  • Someone swipes a keycard to get onto the forensics platform
  • Brennan states a fact that someone finds offending
  • Whenever Booth says “Bones”
  • When they go to talk to a suspect and the suspect immediately assumes that the victim killed someone, only to find out the victim was


Two Drinks

  • Sweets comes to the crime scene
  • Someone on the team is connected to the victim
  • Vincent is the intern
  • Someone says “I know what happened”
  • The victim was murdered by someone in their family
  • Anytime Booth or Brennans’ childhood is brought up
  • Someone in the lab is a suspect
  • Brennan's book is brought up
  • Cam gets mad at Hodgins and [intern] for doing an experiment
  • Any part of the victim is found in water
  • The victim is found headless (whether they were decapitated or the head is simply missing)
  • Someone talks about sex (directly or indirectly)
  • Brennan and Cam fight about cleaning the body
  • Booth and Brennan go undercover
  • The victim died protecting something or somebody
  • The victim was raped
  • Caroline calls someone “Cheri”
  • Booth figures out what happened to the victim
  • The grave digger is involved
  • Brennan over-acts while undercover (i.e. weird accent, shouting)
  • Clark asks everyone to remain professional
  • One of the team gets evidence on them and has to wait to have it removed

Finish your drink

  • You see someone get shot
  • Max is the murderer
  • Someone on the team (i.e. Booth or Brennan) kills someone
  • The killer gets away and the episode will be continued