Bubblegum Crisis

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Drink once

  • A boomer gets wasted.
  • Nene doesn't get to fight.
  • Linna uses her ribbons, Priss her railguns, or Celia her blade.
  • Leon makes a pass and gets dissed.
  • A new model of boomer is seen onscreen for the first time.
  • Nene gets a shot off but gets wasted anyway.
  • Daley makes a pass at Leon, and Leon brushes it off.
  • An AD Police vehicle gets trashed.
  • Nene stuffs her face after someone has complained about her weight.

Drink twice

  • Largo says something utterly cool.
  • A 33-S that we haven't seen before appears onscreen.
  • Priss swears.
  • Macky gets whapped, yelled at, or has a slip tossed at him for being hentai.
  • They show you the Knight Sabers suit-up scene.

Drink three times

  • An orbital beam satellite fires.
  • A motoslave is used in combat.
  • Anri or Sylvie dies.


  • Nene does a forward flip! (It happens!)