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Take a swig when

  • David Caruso delivers a ridiculously dramatic line, most often directly before the theme song
  • Any known cliche is quoted or misquoted by any character
  • Khandi Alexander talks to a corpse
  • Khandi Alexander refers to a corpse as "baby girl" or "baby boy"
  • Delco juts his jaw in anger
  • The first time (per outfit) any character is wearing white pants
  • David Caruso turns his head from left to right (or vice-versa) without lifting his chin
  • Anytime the camera zooms inside someone's body
  • Any completely ridiculous use of technology aka "air DNA", unrealistic GPS use, etc.
  • David Caruso is overly paternal to a victim (extra drink if he calls them "son")
  • A CSI agent has knowledge that is key and coincidental yet, out of their believable realm of knowledge. i.e knowing from a shoe imprint that the shoe is no longer in production- or how to speak Chinese-or where some mud is from based upon a photograph etc:
  • Horatio is referred to as "H"
  • Anyone completely admits to a crime after less than 3 questions from a CSI. (bonus drink for being without a lawyer)
  • Gratuitous bikini shot (extra swig if it's on a boat)
  • Horatio puts on or takes off his sunglasses
  • Horatio cleans his sunglasses
  • Team member runs from exploding meth lab/car/whatever.
  • Team does slow-motion Jerry Bruckheimer walk down beach.
  • Delco and Wolfe have one of their "macho" tiffs.
  • A team member's relative is in danger. (If relative dies, drink whole beverage.)
  • Horatio gives business card to victim and says, "If you ever need anything, I want you to call me." (If victim is a recently orphaned child, drink whole beverage.)
  • Horatio shows them FBI guys a thing or two 'cause he's just too darn cool for school. (If the FBI thanks Horatio and he still insists on acting like a smarmy jerk, drink whole beverage.)
  • Anytime Horatio refers to Ryan as "Mr. Wolfe".

Chug an entire drink when

  • Horatio is able to deliver a complete line with his head entirely upright
  • Whenever there is a montage of forensic science set to music with no dialogue
  • Team member is suspect in case.
  • A main character dies. (That means someone featured in the opening credits of the show.)

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