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  • In the opening scene, drink once for each kid in Danny's house.
  • When Ty Webb gets Danny's name wrong.
  • Every time a golf club is swung.
  • Drink twice if it is not swung at a golf ball.
  • Also drink twice if a golf ball is moved without swinging a club.
  • Every time Bill Murray says the word 'gopher'.
    • Twice if someone else says it.
    • Twice if Bill Murray calls the gopher something else. (Varmint, etc.)
  • Any time a character does something not in tune with their profession. (Dr. Beeper neglecting his patients, for example.)
  • Any time someone gambles.
  • Any sex reference
    • Twice if sex is actually shown.
  • Any time one of the name puns is said. (Lacy Underalls, Dr. Beeper, Bishop Bickering.)
  • Any time Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield) tips someone.
  • Whenever Judge Smail yells at his nephew Spaulding.
  • Drink a little more than usual whenever the gopher is on camera.
  • Drink a lot more than usual if the gopher is dancing.