Chasing Dominico Podcast

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Take 1 Drink

  • When you hear a quote from our movie theme of the show
  • When you hear Dominico say "Fuck" (only Dominico)
  • When you hear "Evolution/Revolution...Free Your Mind"
  • When you hear a "Mystery Clip"
  • When you hear us Transport to Planet Tolemac
  • Anytime Dominico says "Bang" (multiple "Bangs" are all separate drinks)
  • Anytime you hear Dominico snort

The Planet Tolemac Rule

  • You must play as your party "Alter Ego". If you call another player by any other name, then you have to drink a shot of something nasty
  • You cannot say "Drink", "Drank", or "Drunk". If you do, then you have to take a shot of something nasty