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Chopped Drinking Game

This is the true test for those that enjoy the culinary arts and also getting hammered. The contestants, judges, and Ted all determine how trashed you will get within the hour.

It is crucial that during commercials, each player of the game votes for which contestant will be chopped when the show resumes. Once the show resumes, each player who improperly guesses which contestant was to be eliminated must take a shot or finish his or her drink.

1 Drink

  • Anyone says “behind you”
  • Any contestant references his or her family or culinary background ON CAMERA
  • “Love” is mentioned as an ingredient
  • “Passion,” or “dedication,” will lead one contestant to victory
  • The “spoon push” technique is used
  • Alcohol is a basket ingredient
  • All plates not completed in time
  • Ted uses a ridiculously cheesy metaphor for being chopped
  • Ice cream is made by a contestant
  • Something catches on fire
  • Contestant decides to put food in the oven in hopes to cook it faster
  • Contestant cries
  • Ted uses the word "cloche"
  • Contestant mentions lack of culinary education
  • Contestant can't find something in the pantry
  • One contestant uses ricotta in their dessert

2 Drinks

  • Alcohol is used from the pantry
  • Any negative opinions towards another competitors’ dish
  • The judges bitch about an inedible garnish
  • The judges describe a food as “whimsical,” or “playful,” or “fun” – common with lettuce wraps
  • Basket ingredient is omitted from a dish
  • If contestants know eachother
  • Judges stress about plates not being out yet
  • Contestant mentions how they are playing to see if "they still got it"
  • Contestant announces that they are the one getting chopped while in the waiting room
  • Ted walks through kitchen asking contestants about their dishes

3 Drinks

  • Family or culinary background is used to defend criticism from judges
  • Judges do not eat due to safety reasons with the dish (i.e. blood, raw meat…)
  • The “spoon push” technique is criticized
  • Camera focuses on contestant struggling to butcher / clean a protein
  • Contestant cuts themself
  • Someone uses molecular gastronomy
  • Contestant complains that pan or oven is "just not getting hot enough"
  • Contestant that forgets mandatory ingredient doesn't get chopped
  • Contestant pulls out an appliance/tool but can't figure out how to use it
  • An ingredient is left off only one plate and that plate goes to Chris Santos

Finish your drink (or a shot)

  • EACH ROUND: You improperly guess who will be eliminated
  • Ted is wearing a plaid shirt with a striped tie
  • White truffle oil is used as a finishing touch
  • All judges are the same gender
  • Someone's story makes a judge cry
  • Contestant does something that has "never been done before in the Chopped Kitchen"
  • Contestant takes a drink of alcoholic beverage
  • Both contestants use ricotta in their desserts
  • Winner of dessert round gets chopped


Aarón Sánchez

  • 1 drink for each word pronounced with an exaggerated Spanish emphasis. (ex. Jalapeño, tortilla…) + one drink for each repeated pronunciation
    • Particularly tough episodes – when he is a contestant in “Chopped All-Stars Tournament”
  • 1 drink if Aarón is only judge who doesn't think a dish is too spicy

Amanda Freitag

  • 2 drinks every time she is displeased with seasoning

Geoffrey Zakarian

  • 3 drinks every time he finds an irrelevant and minute flaw with a dish because no other judges had complaints

Scott Conant

  • 2 drinks for bitching about pasta
    • 1 additional drink if he explains how it should have been done
  • 1 drink if he complains about cheese and fish integrated poorly
  • 1 drink if he mentions red onions

Alex Guarnaschelli

  • 1 drink every time she complains about small portion size.
  • 2 drinks when she criticizes a dish and continues to wolf it down OR disagrees with another judge's criticism of "large portion size."
  • 2 drinks if she starts her remark out as a compliment, but then turns it around
  • 3 drinks when she blatantly favors a female contestant.

Marcus Samuelson

  • 2 drinks every time he says a dish is "yummy"

Chris Santos

  • 2 drinks if he is wearing a vest

Marc Murphy

  • 2 drinks every time he says a dish needs salt

Learn how to cook, get schwasted.


A.B. and R.W. University of Minnesota – Twin Cities