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The Rules

  • Fourth Wall - Whenever someone "breaks the fourth wall", looks at the camera, call out "Fourth Wall". If you're first, you can make someone else drink.
  • Crew Shot - Whenever you see a member of the crew (including the boom mic dipping into the shot), say the name (or names) of the crew member (or crew members) in the shot. Yell "Mel", "Chad"(not Tad), "Fun Josh" or "The Other Josh". If they're all in the shot, then you have to name them all!
  • McKenna'd - When Zane says "Steve Mckenna", whoever in your viewing party has the most liquid in their glass needs to take a McKenna size "sip".
  • Pleepleus - First person to spot Pleepleus in an episode gets to make someone drink! Just yell "Pleepleus!"
  • Wild Thing - When you spot an animal (Steve Mckenna doesn't count), yell "Wild Thing" and make someone drink.
  • Drinking with the Crew - Whenever a crew member drinks, you drink.
  • CHUG! (*optional) - When Zane rides on a train, you may challenge someone to a chug-off!

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