Chutes and Ladders

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  • The Chutes and Ladders(TM) game board
  • Various tokens (1 per player)
  • A standard six sided die
  • 1-2 cases beer (or more if you really want)

The Goal

The goal of the game is to reach the Winner's Circle before the rest of the players. Optionally, losing players may battle for second, third, etc.

Beginning the Game

The order of play for the first game is determined by rolling a six sided die. The player with the highest number goes first. In the event of a tie, tying players reroll. This process continues until one player wins the roll. In all future games, the first player is the winner of the previous game.

All players begin by placing their tokens to the left of the first square. The first player rolls the die and moves that many spaces, following the numerical order from the board. Play proceeds clockwise.


In the event that a player reaches the bottom of a ladder, they may move their token to the top of the same ladder. All other players are obliged to consume as many shots of beer as levels the ladder climbing player rose.

In the event that a player reaches the top of a chute, they must move their token to the bottom of the same chute. This player must then consume as many shots of beer as levels they have fallen.

In the event that a player lands on a space occupied by another player, these two players must each consume one shot of beer after first clinking their cans together. This shall be referred to as a social. Other players may opt to join in if they wish.

In the event that a player lands on the slide at position 56, all present must execute a "shotgun". This procedure is accomplished by poking a hole in the bottom of a beer can and then opening the can while tilting the can upward. Beer flows inward at high speeds, requiring rapid swallowing.

Ending the Game

To reach the Winner's Circle, a player must roll the exact number to reach square 100. Numbers in excess of the necessary number require the rolling player to consume a number of shots of beer equal to the amount of the overroll. For example, if a player on square 98 rolls a 5, they must drink 3 shots of beer.

Additionally, a player may win by landing on square 80 Pet Show.

After a player has reached the Winner's Circle, the remaining players must consume one shot of beer for each level they are below the top, even if play continues for second, third, etc. place determination. For example, a player on space 77 must consume 2 shots.

Optional Rules

The chute at space 56 may become the "Piercing Chute" if all players agree. Alternatively, it may become the "Communal Piercing Chute". These rules require the player(s) to pierce some portion of their anatomy. Other possible uses for square 56 include "Tequila Shot Chute" and "Single Player Shotgun Chute". Any other commonly agreed upon variant is acceptable.

Cheating is permissible, though if the offending player is caught and the offense is agreed upon by a majority of those present, the offending player must consume 2 shots. The offending player must also take upon themselves any rewards/penalties incurred from the offense.

Disruption of the board or rolling the die off the table is referred to as "Sloppy Dice" and incurs a penalty of 1 shot. Disruption of the board to the extent that the positions of the tokens are no longer recognizable requires a shotgun by the offending player.

Tequila or other lesser 80-proof liquors may be used in place of beer. One then consumes one shot of tequila in place of every twelve shots of beer. A shotgun is replaced by a single shot of tequila. High brain damage factor.