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This is a great way to enjoy any college football matchup, especially when the FIU Golden Panthers, Auburn Tigers, or Texas Longhorns are pummeling their opponents!

Drink when

  • The crowd does a "War Eagle" - one drink
  • Someone watching with you does it (War Eagle) with them - two drinks
  • Team Punts - one drink
  • For ESPN broadcasts, if the announcers say that the play could win an ESPY... - 4 drinks
  • Your team gets a penalty - one drink
  • Onside kick attempt - two drinks
  • Aubie or Bevo or Any Team Mascot shown - one drink
  • Cheerleaders shown - one drink
  • Spurrier shown slamming visor down to ground - three drinks
  • Touchdown Scored against your team - one drink
  • Goes for it on 4th down - two drinks
  • Someone says they knew they were going to call that play or something to that effect - two drinks
  • A Safety occurs - two drinks
  • Your team recovers a fumble (even if it's your own) - two drinks
  • Announcers make some sort of play on words about Hicks Poor's name - four drinks
  • Someone calls a play bullshit (i.e. "that's bullSHIT!") - one drink
  • Team fails two point conversion - two drinks
  • Your team throws an INT - two drinks
  • Quarterback sacked - two drinks
  • Missed Field Goal - three drinks
  • Cheesy commercial for either University is shown - four drinks
  • Assistant coaches shown from the stadium boxes - one drink
  • Coaching or team family members shown - one drink
  • Blimp shown in sky - one drinks
  • Announcers Draw on the screen - one drink
  • A photojournalist gets toppled - one drink
  • A player's ass is slapped - one drink
  • Same play replayed 3 times or more - two drinks
  • Field Measurement for first down - one drink
  • Game goes into overtime (note that everything is doubled in overtime) - three drinks
  • Coach takes a Gatorade bath - two drinks
  • Goal Posts get taken down (it's worth it!) - finish your drink!
  • Whenever a player signals a first down - one drinks
  • Player gets flagged for excessive celebration - three drinks
  • Lead change - one drink
  • Lead change in last 2 minutes of a game or a half - three drinks
  • Winning or tying on the last play of the game - finish your drink.
  • A fan has a sign showing support for his team - one drink (three if its a stupid ESPN anagram)

Drain it

  • Someone proclaims "Texas is back!"
  • Manziel comparison is made
  • Your team wins in Overtime

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