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Take a Sip

  • Abed makes a pop-culture reference
  • The Dean hits on Jeff
  • Jeff makes out with someone
  • Pierce says something inappropriate
  • Shirley utters "That's nice!"
  • Britta is wearing a leather jacket
  • Jeff gets naked
  • The Human Being makes an appearance
  • Britta is made fun of
  • Troy cries
  • There is a dance
  • Tiny nipples are spotted
  • Jeff Winger learns a lesson

Take a Chug/Shot

  • The Dean's Dalmatian fetish is mentioned
  • The Dean shows up in a new "outfit"
  • Jeff Winger's butt crack makes an appearance
  • Shirley utters "That's not nice"
  • Chang doesn't wear a guayabera [1]
  • Troy and Abed's weird little relationship is mentioned
  • Glee is dissed
  • Annie cries
  • Pierce's seven marriages are mentioned
  • Annie's boobs happen (hers and the monkey)
  • The basketball team makes an appearance
  • Britta does something feminine
  • Derrick Comedy is featured
  • That beloved ginger is on screen
  • Abed says, "Cool, cool, cool"

Cited from: community-tv.lj[2]