Cosmos: A SpaceSpacetime Odyssey

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Two Sips of Beer

  • Whenever the spaceship is shown traveling to a place where no man has gone before.
  • Whenever Neil stands on the edge of something, looking like the king of the world.
  • Whenever there’s an animation sequence
  • Whenever shots of the ocean are used because there’s nothing else to show
  • Whenever Neil is in a remote location, which is extremely difficult to get to.
  • Talking about something that still exists today.
  • Starts to talk about a scientist that was never given his due recognition.

One Shot

  • When there’s an historical reenactment
  • Whenever Neil suggests the existence of God is unlikely
  • Whenever Neil uses a basic example to explain a novel science concept and than reenacts the example.
  • Whenever Neil talks about how the human race has neglected science for years for no good reason.
  • Anytime Neil mentions the word “cosmos”.