Covert Affairs

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Drink When

  • Annie Speaks a foreign language
  • Annie and Augie share a touching moment
  • Someone drinks a beer
  • Annie's sister is angry at her
  • Flashback to Annie and Ben Mercer (2 Sips)
  • Augie mentions Annie's heels or perfume
  • Car chase
  • Annie gets caught by foreign spies/gov't (2 sips)
  • Arthur and Joan argue
  • Jai acts arrogant
  • Someone says "DPD", "DoJ" or "Clandestine"
  • Annie does something Joan told her not to do
  • Annie flirts while undercover
  • Annie blows off her family for the CIA
  • A guy hits on Annie
  • Fist fight

Take a Shot When

  • Annie finds out she's working with Eyal
  • Someone from the DPD gets shot or killed
  • Annie's sister ruins everything and puts them in danger
  • Smithsonian is shown
  • Someone says "Arthur Campbell"
  • Simon is injured
  • Lena does something bad