Crime Dramas

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This is a general drinking game for any Crime Drama show such as CSI, The Shield or Law and Order.

One drink

  • Someone has been murdered
  • An investigator says some fancy scientific-sounding explanation
  • Someone says "trajectory"
  • They pull out the Luminol or a fingerprints dusting kit
  • The person who did it confesses
  • Someone is on drugs or has an alcohol problem
  • It's implied that someone is sleeping with someone else and is unmarried
  • Whenever anyone drinks
  • Whenever the police/investigators question a suspect
  • Someone shady such as a drug dealer, stripper, or mafia leader is a suspect
  • A child is a witness
  • A lawyer is rambling on and on and on...

Two Drinks

  • There's a car involved in the murder
  • There's a slow-motion replay or dramatization as an investigator explains things
  • Someone is using a Scientific name for Something
  • Someone shady such as a stripper or a Mafia guy was killed
  • There's more than two victims in a crime scene
  • Someone compromises evidence.
  • There are no fingerprints
  • A lawyer gives the police/investigation team trouble
  • They go through more than 3 suspects during the show
  • Something has been stolen
  • Someone over 21 is pregnant
  • Someone with a mental disorder is featured
  • There's a drug bust
  • It's implied that someone is cheating on their spouse or significant other

Three drinks

  • The shady person did not do the crime
  • The Crime was done by a kid
  • Someone survived the crime and was NOT the perpetrator
  • The person who did it does not ever confess
  • The courts give the investigation team trouble
  • The crime is still unsolved by the end of the show (aka "no ending" or "to be continued")
  • Someone under 18 is pregnant
  • a Cop or politician is revealed to be crooked
  • The criminal gets away
  • There's a suicide or it was a suicide

Drink till it stops

  • Sex scene
  • Implied rape scene
  • On-screen murder
  • Inappropriate background music
  • Especially gory dramatization