Dazed And Confused

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Whenever any of the events below occur, take as many drinks as you are directed to take.

Single Drinks

  • Any reference is made to drugs (take two if it's not pot)
  • Mike or Tony does something dorky
  • Freshmen are referred to in a derogatory way
  • Don moves in a way that apears more animal than human (this happens most of the time he's on the screen because he's so quirky -- most of the time, he moves like a spastic orangutang, but he also has moments where he looks like a snake or chipmunk as well)
  • The term "Air raid" is used (makes the initiation scene kinda hard to get through)
  • Slater says something funny (I've seen this movie a buttload of times, but I still crack up anytime Slater opens his mouth)
  • Any paddle is seen
  • The word "cool" is used
  • Beer is referred to without saying the word "beer"

Double Drinks

  • Any reference to the pledge agreement Pink is supposed to sign for football
  • The random stoner is seen (the guy that hangs around with Slater and is always stoned, but we never learn his name). [Note: I've recently been told that this guy's name is Kyle. Thanks, Bill]
  • Any freshman is seen getting busted
  • Wooderson expouses some of the knowledge he's gleaned from his years of experience
  • Mitch touches his nose (this makes the scene with Mitch and Sabrina outside of the Emporium hard to get through -- furthermore, once you notice this, it'll drive you crazy for the rest of your life any time you see the movie)
  • Any reference made to O'Banion's stupidity
  • Pickford laughs maniacally
  • Anyone falls, trips, or is knocked over
  • Anyone repeats anything someone said earlier in the movie (regardless of the gap in time)

Three Drinks

  • You hear a song that doesn't appear on either soundtrack
  • Any legitimately dramatic moment (four if it appears linked to some sort of plotline)
  • Cynthia says something deep

Four Drinks

  • Any character says their own name
  • Mike sounds like Snagglepuss
  • A minor is seen with a beer in the presence of a visible sign prohibiting minors from drinking
  • Anyone smokes their belt buckle
  • Anytime a smiley face is seen (Note: this is truly a gem -- they are rare and well-hidden, but they are out there)

Whole Beer

  • You notice something about the movie you haven't noticed before
  • You see something indicating that the movie wasn't filmed in the '70's

Drink and Hold

Start a drink and continuing to drink it for the duration of the following events:

  • During any kiss
  • During Melvin's James Brown-esque shimmy dance on the truck at the party at the Moontower.


You might try having everyone select a character a drink either any time that character:

  • Drinks
  • Says something
  • Is seen onscreen

You might consider adding a rule that you must take a drink anytime anyone is seen smoking any pot. Be forewarned, however, that this happens no less than 39 times over the course of the movie. I didn't include it in the main rules out of respect for the human liver.

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