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This game can be played with any Disney-style animated movie directed at kids.

The Simple Generic Disney Movie Drinking Game

Rating: 8-9 (See Rating System for more details)

Take a Drink Whenever

Bathroom humor is used

Reference to dead/missing parent

Another disney film is referenced

Animation is reused

There is singing

The main character's name is said

Code Word

Snippet of your favorite Disney Song

Alternative Drinking Game 1

One drink

  • Main character is a cute talking animal
  • The main character is child-like
  • An animal is wearing obvious human-clothing or walking on two legs (one per character)
  • Every time the characters break into song
  • Someone uses magic
  • There is a rescue (one per character rescued)
  • The main character accidentally causes a calamity
  • There is a fart joke
  • Slapstick violence humor
  • scene with hyperactive character or excessive motion made to appease kids
  • Someone falls in love
  • The main character wins a fight
  • The female sidekick wears a dress
  • Obvious gender stereotype observed (ex: female afraid of mouse, man fights to protect woman, ect)

Two drinks

  • Main character is not a cute animal, but is still a talking animal (ex: a fish)
  • The main character is a teenager
  • The main character is female
  • Main character is rebelling against something
  • Main character narrowly escapes death/disaster
  • Characters break inappropriately into song
  • More than four characters are singing at once
  • Someone evil dies
  • An animal does not talk at all for the entire film
  • A predator and Prey animal are getting along
  • There's a joke only adults would get
  • Someone uses science
  • Sexual innuendo
  • Kissing scene
  • The main character looses a fight
  • Obvious racial stereotype observed (You may want to ignore this rule if watching Song of the South)

Three drinks

  • Main character is human
  • The Main character is female and NOT wearing a dress
  • Someone good dies
  • The evil characters are singing to the good characters
  • Film Glorifies nature, Wicca, or the Native Americans
  • The main character is an adult
  • Main character is evil but has a change of heart
  • The main character dies or is dying
  • The main character grows up significantly during the film
  • The evil character is not rich
  • Film references pop culture

Drink till it ends

  • There's a montage
  • The evil characters are singing with NO good characters nearby

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