Doctor Who

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  • Take a shot/drink whenever somebody runs.
  • Take a shot/drink when the Doctor holds someone's hand.
  • Take a shot/drink whenever The Doctor uses the Sonic Screwdriver or the Psychic Paper.
  • Take another shot/drink if he uses the sonic screwdriver to do something you can't to with sound waves.
  • Take a shot/drink whenever he says, "I'm the Doctor."
  • Take a shot/drink when the Doctor lies
  • Take a shot/drink whenever there is a sexual joke/thing
  • Take two shots/drinks when The Doctor kiss someone
  • Take a shot/drink when the Doctor is flirty

Ninth Doctor

  • Take a shot/drink when the Ninth Doctor says, "Fantastic."
  • Take a shot/drink whenever someone makes fun of Nine's ears/nose.
  • Take a shot/drink whenever the Ninth Doctor mocks the human race.
  • Take a shot/drink whenever Rose saves the Doctor.

Tenth Doctor

  • Take a shot whenever the Tenth Doctor licks something or puts something in his mouth.
  • Take a shot whenever he says, "I'm sorry." Two if he then says, "I'm so sorry."

Eleventh Doctor

  • Take a shot whenever the Eleventh Doctor says "cool."
  • Take a shot whenever you think the Doctor will die
  • Take a shot whenever Doctor calls the TARDIS of Sexy
  • Take a shot when the Doctor talk about the rules
  • Take a shot when someone makes fun of his chin
  • Take a shot whenever Amy gets indecise between The Doctor and Rory