Dragonball z

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Play this with any season of dragonball z or add your own rules to make it more fun.

Drink Once

  • Mr. Popo is seen.
  • Master Roshi makes a sleezy move.
  • There is a voice over.
  • Freiza Cell or Buu are mentioned.
  • Vegeta calls Goku "Kakarot".
  • Vegeta is training.
  • Chi Chi yells at someone.
  • Goku is eating.

Drink Twice

  • A finishing move is used. ie. Kamehameha, Destructo Disc, Final Flash ect.
  • The Dragonballs are mentioned or seen.
  • A character goes super saiyan.

Drink Three Times

  • Theres a fusion.
  • Theres a flashback.
  • Another planet is shown.
  • King Kai talks to Goku telepathicly.
  • Gohan is studying.

Finish your Drink

  • Someone dies.
  • Someone is brought back to life.
  • Shenron or Purunga are summoned.
  • A spirit bomb is made.
  • If its over 9000