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About the Game

Drinkocity is a really fun, and funny drinking game mobile app for your phone. Which is great, because it means you can play it almost anywhere. Although it contains elements of many of the classic drinking games college kids have been playing for decades, it is mostly based on answering pop-culture trivia questions to give out drinks. Most of these questions are not just straight forward trivia asked in the usual format, but are posed in new and interesting ways. For instance, of the game's 12 different card types, 2 are what are known as "Twisted" types. For these, something we all know, such as a common English phrase or popular movie title is rewritten using synonyms of all the key words, and players have to figure out the original phrase or title from the given "Twisted" one. Another similar example is the "Dirty Rhymes" card type, where the key words in the titles of popular movies, TV shows, or kids' songs are replaced by rhyming words, and the players again have to figure out the original title. Another example are the "Commonality List" cards. For these, a list of up to 5 items is slowly read to the players, and they have to guess what the items have in common. Another involves fairly easy questions for quick thinking, but they are not usually phrased/asked in a straight forward way. A good example reads "If the top is red and the bottom is green, what color is the middle?" The answer being "Yellow" as it refers to stoplights, but without mentioning them. There is a "Categories" card type, that many drinking game enthusiasts will be familiar with, and also one where all players guess whether a statement is true or false. In addition to these, there are 2 straight forward trivia card types; one with questions about movies, music, or TV, and another all about commercials. There is another card type that asks (or really tells) the group a dirty joke; there is also lots of humor spread out on the other cards in the form of extra info or quotes written by the game's creator at the bottom of some cards. The game also contains card rules that players have to follow, like no saying of certain words, or they must say or do something embarrassing before each drink, etc. These are usually very funny. Last but certainly not least are the "Mini-Games", these are like little games within the game, where instead of a question being asked to the group, every player gets involved with the others in some physical way. A good example of this is the card where every player must play Rock, Paper, Scissors with the players on either side of them, and the loser of each game takes a drink.


In 2016, Drinkocity was listed as one of PartyGamesPlus.com's "Top 12 Fun Drinking Games."



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