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In honour of that terrible movie, with some of Jeremy Irons’ most hilarious acting moments, here is a drinking game.

Drink When:

1. The Empress has ideas that no aristocrat would reasonably have. Eg. Thinking that the peasants and the nobility were equal and everyone deserves the same rights.

2. Anytime a character says “Magic School"

3. Bromance moments.

4. Ladymance moments.

5. Jeremy Irons.

6. Blatant sexism or speciesism or sexist speciesism or classism

7. Casual racism.

8. That Dwarf Guy. +1 if he eats +2 when he kicks someone’s ass

9. Bad pick-up lines

10. Arbitrary and/or abrupt scene changes

11. Referring to “honour amongst thieves"

12. Bad movie armour. +1 for women’s movie armour.

13. Bad 90’s boy-band hair

14. Whenever the things come out of Blue Lip’s ears.

15. O faces. +1 Jeremy Irons’ O face

16. “Oh, so you want to play"

17. Badly choreographed violence

18. Kiss scene

19. Indiana Jones references +1 if you can name them all

20. Drink anytime you see the literal “plot holes"


For when you want to get drunk quick

1. Drink 2x when there’s a bad CGI shot

2. Drink when there are unnecessary close ups

3. Drink 2x for Jeremy Irons