Extreme Couponing

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Take one drink if...

  • Person goes dumpster diving for coupons or takes them from other houses
  • Amount of hours the featured couponer spends clipping coupons is mentioned
  • featured couponer is younger than 30 or older than 50
  • featured couponer has a nick name (ex: Sista Save-a-lot)
  • coupons are organized in clear sleeves in a binder
  • when checkout is done in more than one transaction
  • featured couponer expresses panic, nervousness, or uncertainty at the register
  • the register freezes
  • more than two full carts of groceries are used - take an extra drink if they have a giant stock cart from the back of the store
  • featured couponer bosses around their husband/wife while shopping
  • the featured couponer is a male
  • the family drives a mini van
  • a random person makes a comment on the amount of money the featured couponer saves
  • the final receipt is held out to show how long it is
  • the family has more than three kids
  • the featured coupon makes their kids clip coupons and/or help them gather things at the store