Family Feud

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One Sip

  • Richard shouts an answer at the top of his lungs. (He's normally loud, so only real lungbusters qualify)
  • Richard calls out a "dreaded" answer ("Is it there, the dreaded peacock?")
  • Richard employs bastardized Espanol ("El rocking horse!")
  • Richard gets a t-shirt as a gift
  • Richard scratches his head
  • Richard does a Paul Lynde impersonation
  • Richard sings a few notes from the Dragnet theme
  • Richard does a W.C. Fields impersonation
  • A terrible answer gets a "Good Answer" from the family

One Drink

  • One team is all women
  • One or more of the players do a musical number
  • Richard threatens the audience when a joke falls flat
  • A female contestant consistently refuses to let Richard kiss her on the lips (you should play this as a sort of post-Fast Money bonus drinking round, after he's done kissing everyone. Keep track during the show.
    • Alternately, you can sip every time Richard doesn't get a kiss on the lips because of an intentional dodge)
  • The second Fast Money speech is "Once you've stopped laughing, give me 20 seconds on the clock."
  • A male contestant requests a kiss from Richard
  • Howard Felsher is mentioned in any context
  • Fast Money is won on the 10th reveal
  • Richard knows Fast Money is about to be won, so ushers in the point value with a cry ("BAM!", "Yabba dabba doo!", etc.), or hides with the contestant behind the question card
  • Richard makes a stock German joke ("Herr Dryer", "Herr Stylist", etc.)
  • Richard makes a Card Sharks joke
  • A Fast Money player scores under 50
  • A team scores a clean sweep
  • Richard devotes most of his flirting to the oldest woman on stage
  • Richard does a Don Adams impersonation

Two drinks

  • Both teams are all women
  • One team is all men
  • A male contestant kisses Richard
  • Richard physically touches the board
  • Richard gets a personalized t-shirt as a gift
  • Richard gets a ridiculous hat as a gift (bonus: 1 more drink if he wears it past the first commercial break)
  • Richard gets a "proclamation" gift (a key to a city, a "Family Feud Day/Week" city/county/state resolution, etc.)
  • Richard sings the Monkees theme
  • Richard mentions that Cathy Hughart Dawson is producing the show instead of Howard
  • Richard mentions Match Game in any context (76-78)
  • Richard refers to an answer by its initials ("As we call it in the business, T.P.")
  • A contestant says that their answer is "dreaded" before Richard does.
  • Richard makes a belligerent comment about Howard's instructions (to speed up, slow down, talk louder, etc.)
  • The Fast Money total is 199
  • The Fast Money total is under 100
  • Richard reveals the final Fast Money answer expecting a win, but it falls short
  • Howard and Richard hug on camera
  • Richard brings a crew member out on stage
  • Richard makes a reference to a fellow game show MC
  • Richard insists that a Fast Money answer be accepted when it was clearly given after the buzzer
  • Richard requests a very short strike buzz
  • A team passes on a Triple round (or the second Double round in 200 point)
  • Richard gives a team even more money than they won, or more than the usual "round up to" amount after they start rounding to $100 or $250.

Three drinks

  • Richard mentions Match Game in any context (79-85)
  • Richard gets an extravagant gift that is clearly either hundreds of dollars in value, or required dozens of hours to make by hand.
  • Howard and Richard kiss on camera (supercedes the two drinks for the hug if they do both, unless you're so grossed out that you need them)
  • The game ends early and Gene Wood kills time with fake parting gift plugs for the departing family
  • Richard does an Art Fleming impersonation
  • A round scores less than 10 points


  • Both teams are all men
  • The game lasts a long time (5 rounds in 200 point, 6 in 300 point, 7 in 400 point)
  • A technical error invalidates a round (and it doesn't get edited out of the broadcast)
  • A team hits the winnings limit
  • One player wins Fast Money by themselves (downgrade to 2 drinks during celeb weeks)

Drain the bottle

  • Howard Felsher hosts any portion of the show