Family Guy

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One Drink

  • Peter carries out a scheme that costs more than he could probably afford
  • There is a cutaway gag. (Take one more drink for every celebrity involved in the cutaway gag)
  • Anyone says "Peter"
  • Anyone tells Meg to shut up
  • Stewie does an act of violence that does not kill someone
  • Meg pretends to have a life. (This involves, having friends, having a boyfriend, going places, obsessing over someone, etc.)
  • Lois uses some unusual ingredient in her cooking. (M&Ms, etc.)
  • Chris says something stupid
  • Quagmire says "Giggity"
  • Joe becomes angry
  • Cleveland says "Oh, that's nasty."
  • Mr. Herbert tries to seduce Chris
  • Tom Tucker insults his co-anchor
  • Flashback is shown
  • Peter comes to the wrong conclusion instead of the obvious one
  • Brian takes a drink
  • Carter makes Peter do something painful or degrading in exchange for a favor
  • Peter's naked body is shown
  • A newscast is shown
  • A cancelled Fox show is mentioned (Finish your drink if it's a list of cancelled Fox shows instead)

Two Drinks

  • Someone kisses Meg.
  • Peter gets fired. (This includes being fired from jobs in cutaway gags.)
  • Patrick Stewart voices Suzie's inner voice.
  • Bruce's partner Jeffrey says "Oh no", and Bruce replies "I know".
  • A celebrity moves to Quahog. (Adam West does not count.)
  • Stewie does something that normal babies would do, or someone alludes to the action. (Example: wondering where someone went while playing Peekaboo, * falling asleep with a pacifier, etc.)
  • Brian does something that normal dogs would do, or someone alludes to the action. (Example: yell at dogs in a nearby car, rubbing his butt on the * carpet, etc.)
  • Lois's promiscuity before marrying Peter is brought up. (Finish your drink if that's the main storyline in the episode.)
  • Quagmire seduces a woman.
  • Chris says a smart ass comment. (Examples: "Is it lonely up there in your pedestal, Patrick?", "This [George Lopez] show only furthers the stereotype that George Lopez is funny.")
  • Lois gets in trouble with the law.
  • There is a lengthy, spontaneous musical number outside of a cutaway gag. (more than 30 seconds, includes dance numbers and Conway Twitty, etc.)
  • A character breaks the fourth wall. (Includes addressing the audience, knocking over set pieces, etc. Take another drink if more than one character does it at the same time.)
  • There is a fight between Peter and the giant chicken.
  • The family moves from Quahog.
  • Stewie and Brian go on a trip outside of Quahog.
  • Someone alludes to Stewie's possible homosexuality. (Finish your drink if Stewie himself does it.)

Chug while...

  • Evil Monkey points (chug while pointing at a buddy)
  • Peter vs Chicken fight
  • Cleveland falls from his house in a tub
  • Peter is hurt

Finish your drink

  • Someone has sex with Meg.
  • Peter does irreparable damage to his body which is taken care of by the end of the episode.
  • Stewie kills someone. (Limit to one drink per episode)
  • At the end of the show, if it was a Meg episode.
  • Peter's penis is shown. (In uncensored versions it happens a lot more often. When he's dating the cardboard cutout of Kathy Bates and Lois walks in on their dinner, his penis is actually shown)
  • A staple character of the series dies or leaves the show permanently.