Fast Five

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Drink once

  • Anytime there is a car chase
  • The rock is sweating
  • Anytime the vault is shown or mentioned
  • Someone speaks spanish
  • When the spanish guy says “stop being negative” (or a different wording)
  • When there is a fist fight
  • When someone gets shot
  • When a car gets wrecked
  • Someone says the word cash house
  • Someone says the word family
  • Whenever a character insults someone else (take two drinks if it’s directed at brian)
  • Whenever someone curses

Drink Twice

  • When someone dies
  • Whenever Dom uses his scary voice
  • Anytime two or three characters have an emotional moment
  • Anytime they show an amount of Reyes’ money
  • Anytime they talk about the death of the D.E.A. agents’ deaths (or talk about the train)
  • Whenever Mia’s baby or her pregnancy is mentioned
  • Anytime they talk about having to make a call
  • When Reyes’ sidekick man seems to never die
  • When they talk about someone’s dead spouse or significant other
  • Whenever the two spanish guys are fighting with each other

Finish your drink

  • Anytime the main character gets arrested
  • When the plan actually goes the way it should
  • When someone says “I had a life before you knew me”
  • When they tell you what the characters did with their money