Finding Nemo

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Original Author Krista Kobeski
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Take a shot of beer everytime

  • Dori forgets something
  • The fish in the ocean make a different shape
  • The words "lucky fin" are used together
  • Peach *the starfish* talks while stuck to the tank
  • P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way is used in its entirety
  • The fish in the tank say "Sharkbait, oo ha ha"
  • Crush says "Dude"
  • The classmates say something funny/obnoxious (I'm h20 intolerant, I'm obnoxious etc...)
  • A boat gets called a "Butt"
  • The yellow fish says "Bubbblleeessss"
  • Someone says EAC or "East Australian Current"
  • Dori talks Whale
  • The sharks say "Fish are friends, not food"
  • Deb talks to her reflection (Flo) in the fish tank
  • You can also just drink every time someone says 'Nemo'