Food Network Thanksgiving Special Drinking Game

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This game was created by missakins for the Good Eats Community on LiveJournal.

Take one drink when:

  • Any time Alton Brown shows a Chemical Formula
  • Giada says 'crisp' or 'light and delicious'.
  • Alton says 'brings flavor to the party' or 'wash those ____ hands!'.
  • Emeril says 'BAM!', 'kick it up a notch' or 'Yah, babe'.
  • Paula talks about buttah.
  • Rachael Ray says 'EVOO', 'yummo', 'delish', or 'sammie'.
  • Sara Moulton uses any form of the word "simple" or "simply".

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Drink everytime Sandra Lee talks about her tablescape or when she actually makes a drink for herself ("cocktail time").