Forgetting Sarah Marshall

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Original Author Kevin Carr
Original Location

Take a Drink Whenever

  • Jason Segel cries
  • Someone eats or drinks
  • Jason Segel plays the piano
  • People are in a different sexual position

Take a Drink When You See

  • Nudity or near nudity (2 drinks when you see Jason Segel’s penis)
  • A clip on television
  • A Hawaiian cliche
  • Dracula imagery
  • A wedding going on

Take a Drink When Someone Says

  • "Sarah" or "Marshall"
  • "Aldous" or "Snow"
  • any Hawaiian word (whether real or made up)
  • any swear word (2 drinks if it's with a British accent)

Chug Your Drink Whenever

  • You see a puppet musical

Original game reprinted with permission.