Fraggle rock

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(This game can be altered or customized however need be depending on how inebriated the group wished to get.)

One drink

  • Gobo says "my uncle Traveling Matt"
  • The scene switches to Doc's workshop, and Doc addresses Sprocket by his name in his first sentence.
  • Junior spots a Fraggle.
  • Someone says "Outer Space"
  • The green screen is blatantly obvious.
  • Mokey's eyelids move.
  • Gunge and/or Philo say, “Nyaaaah!”
  • Radishes are mentioned.
  • Mokey touches somebody.
  • A Fraggle eats Doozer construction.
  • Gobo says “ay?”
  • The Trash Heap says something irrelevant that Fraggles follow anyway.
  • Red acts like she is better than then other Fraggles.
  • Uncle Travelling Matt says “silly creature”
  • The trash heaps says “little Fraggle”
  • Wembley says “gee Gobo”
  • Pa Gorg insults Junior.
  • The Fraggles/a Fraggle start singing.
  • Gobos wearing a hat.
  • A Doozers name is mentioned.
  • Boober laughs or giggles.
  • Ma Gorg calls Junior “Baby”
  • Boober is wearing an apron.
  • A Fraggle says “Doozer” (two drinks if it;s insulting another Fraggle)
  • Boober says "honey"
  • Junior sets a Fraggle trap.
  • Boober says “odour”
  • Wembley's eyes move/roll.
  • Gobos sleeves are rolled up.

If this game is being played with shots, simply take a shot whenever it states to take a (one) drink above.

Two drinks

  • A character that isn’t a Fraggle sings a song.
  • Doc says “Sprocky”
  • One Fraggle kisses another.
  • Cotterpin Doozer doesn’t want to do what the other Doozers are doing.
  • The scene switches to Boober and he’s doing laundry.
  • Junior catches a Fraggle.
  • A solemn oath is made.
  • Doc isn't wearing his normal clothes. (e.g. dressed as a sailor, etc)
  • Cotterpin says "That's what I said."
  • The Story Teller starts swooning over Traveling Matt.
  • Uncle Traveling Matt's postcard is read out.
  • You see a Fraggle with a Mustache that isn't Uncle Traveling Matt or Convincing John.
  • Wembley faints or passes out.
  • Mokey says, “Now Red” or Red’s name twice in a row.
  • A Doozer rides a Fraggle as if it were a mode of transport.

Finish your drink

  • Doc and sprocket appear in a scene outside the workshop.
  • Ma and Pa Gorg start flirting.
  • Red's hair is out and not in pig-tails.
  • Doc or Sprocket do their Ned Shimlefinny impression.

Girls drink

  • Gobo says "Red"
  • Gunge and/or Philo say “Margery”
  • Doc says “Betty” or “Mrs. Ardath” etc.

Boys drink

  • Red says "Gobo"
  • The Trash Heap says "Boys"
  • Doc says "Shimlefinny", "Mr. Shimlefinny", "Ned" or "Ned Shimlefinny" etc.

A "Waterfall" must be performed by all players when

  • The trash heap sings a song.
  • Doc's invention fails.

(The player who starts the waterfall may be picked at random or volunteer.)

Voluntary drink

A voluntary drink (or a random drink/drink for no reason) may be taken at any point during the game. If you wish do take a voluntary drink, just speak your intent by shouting “Whoopie!”


(If you wish to advance the game and make it a bit more fun, silly hats (or any other type of clothing or accessory for that matter, but silly hats is more fun) may be worn by all players.)

Change hats with a random group member anytime:

  • Wembley can’t make a decision. (switch hats back if he makes up his mind)
  • Convincing John convinces the Fraggles to do something.