Furry Drinking Game

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There are two versions of this game.

If you are under 18 or have a low tolerance, don't use alcohol. Instead start the game and see how long you can go without using the bathroom, taking the marked number of drinks whenever you see any of the following events/themes.

For other furry-related drinking games try the Furry Fandom Drama Drinking Game and the Tapestries MUCK Drama Drinking Game.

Oh Noes, Drama! Version

This one is played best over forums or anywhere where furries hang out.

One drink

  • Someone is offended
  • A guy reveals himself to be gay ("coming out of the closet")
  • Someone is playing a Dragon, Fox, Wolf, or Tiger
  • Someone is playing a demon, angel, or vampire
  • Someone asks "What's a furry?", "What is furry?" or "what does furry mean to you?"
  • Someone has found their "soulmate"
  • Someone has just had their mate leave them
  • Someone is complaining about their parents
  • Someone is asking how to hide things from their parents
  • Someone admits to being into kink (only for their first post about kink.)
  • Someone is trying to be overly politically correct and/or unoffensive

Two Drinks

  • A character is a hybrid (fox/wolf, dragon/tiger, ect)
  • A character has wings on a species that should not have wings
  • You see a "Therian"
  • Someone is playing a werewolf
  • Someone who's been around awhile rants about "The good old days"
  • People get into a fight over the meaning of the word "Furry"
  • Someone has just had their mate leave them by cheating
  • Someone is asking how to explain things to their parents and/or friends
  • Someone is in an "open relationship" (ie: mated, but still is OK to sleep/yiff around)
  • Someone has more than 1 mate
  • Someone starts a flame war
  • Someone has a "mate" in real life
  • Someone randomly and otherwise unprovoked makes a pass at you or asks to yiff

Three Drinks

  • the "gay guy" is online gay only (aka "I roleplay gay but I like girls")
  • The "Therian" actually has some sort of mental illness and/or disability like Aspergers Syndrome.
  • Someone has just had their mate leave them and they're already looking for anew one (obviously on the rebound)
  • Someone says they're sick of all the porn in the Furry Fandom
  • Someone admits to being into bestiality
  • Someone is leaving the fandom
  • Someone is cheating on their mate
  • Someone has more than 3 mates
  • Someone has more than 3 in-character kids
  • Someone is using an original species that is poorly thought out (ex: like a kitsune, only with wings!)
  • Someone is repeatedly harassing or trolling another user for some reason
  • Someone has been in the fandom longer than ten years

Four Drinks

  • Someone reminds the world that Bestiality and Furry Fandom are NOT the same thing
  • Someone returns to the Fandom
  • Someone links to or mentions Crush, Yiff, Destroy!
  • Someone claims to be both a master AND a pet
  • Someone is using a well thought out original species
  • Someone is playing a bird, non-dragon reptile, or an amphibian
  • Someone reveals themselves to be homophobic
  • Someone is a Babyfur/infantilist
  • Someone is over 30

Potlan's version

The Furry Drinking Game was created by Potlan and can be viewed here. It's based heavily on what is commonly seen in artwork and is best played on gallery sites like the VCL or Furaffinity.

The game is is flash but, for those of you who just want a list, here's the rundown:

One drink

  • A furry is bleeding
  • A furry is wearing fingerless gloves
  • A furry has feathery wings on a species that does NOT normally have wings (ex: tiger, wolf)
  • The furry is wearing black, stripes, or tattered clothing
  • Eyes visible through transparent bangs (anime-style)
  • Pagan or wiccan references
  • G-rated Hugging
  • Huge ears
  • The drawing has a Native American or Tribal setting
  • Photoshop filters used to make background
  • Drawn in Disney style
  • Chibi or Bishonen style artwork
  • Character has dark, paw, vulpine, fox, night, warrior or claw in it's name
  • It's fan art
  • If the characters are all starting to look sexy after all this drinking

two drinks

  • A furry is bleeding from the mouth
  • A Furry had leathery wings on a species that normally does hot have wings (ex: tiger, wolf)
  • Pagan or wiccan references that make no sense.
  • Hugging to make up after a flame war
  • Photoshop lighting effects used in foreground
  • Drawn in Anime style
  • It's gift art
  • If you are masturbating to furry art

Three drinks

  • Hugging in such a was that suggests sex (yiffing)
  • Drawn in Sonic the Hedgehog style
  • It's part of an art trade

Multiple drinks/finish the glass

  • One drink per tail past the first a furry has. (ex: 3 tails = 2 drinks)
  • The furry is Naked! finish the glass
  • Hugging after sex! Finish the glass
  • Sex is depicted: finish the glass
  • It's stolen art! finish the glass.
  • If you took the lines about masturbation and sexy characters seriously, finish the glass.