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Futurama Drinking Game


  • 3 or more players
  • alcohol of a low percentage (cider usually is the best) and alcohol of a high percentage (sambuka and such)
  • shot glasses
  • a large, communal vessel to hold the alcohol (think clean bucket or large cooking pot)
  • a towel is never a bad idea
  • Futurama


The set up that was commonplace was to have the cooking pot on a towel on a stool, between the players and the tv/computer screen.

All players dunk their shot glass and wipe it on the conveniently placed towel and watch the episode, refilling their shot glass when it is consumed. The first one to make a correct call does not drink, all other players must drink. EXAMPLE During the episode one of the below listed events happens the first peson to shout it out and point at the screen, is declared to have made a call. A call is to be made at the following events :

  • Seeing the planet express ship
  • fry talks to leela
  • bender threatens to kill all humans
  • bender drinks, smokes or farts
  • bender does 2 or more of these actions at the same time for a bonus double shot
  • someone gets hurt
  • hermes appears on screen
  • "good news everyone"
  • zoidberg does/says something stupid
  • Hermes says "Great _____ of the ______ " example: "Great yeti of the serengetti!"
  • sluurm is seen
  • somebody cries
  • amy speaks chinese
  • Zap brannigan is on screen

As a follow up to these rules, no calls can be made during the intro sequence, and each event can only be called once per scene. If a player makes 3 incorrect calls, then he/she must have a shot of vodka/sambuka/poison of choice. If a player knows the episodes too well and makes a call slightly early, he/she will be similarly rewarded with a shot. This game uses a lot of cider/beer, be sure to stock up.